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Credit scores make or break loan approvals. Turning away customers seeking service creates animosity and fosters negative reviews, destroying referrals which is essential to every business. With Rapid Rescore, we enable businesses to increase sales, customer satisfaction and referrals.



The Rapid Rescore platform performs an automatic credit analysis on consumer credit reports identifying any errors regarding negative marks



Through API connections with the three major credit agencies, we report the errors, removing the negative remarks in an expedited time frame



Once the three credit agencies remove the negative marks, consumers receive an updated report resulting in a higher credit score typically within 3-5 days

Rapid Rescore App
Rapid Rescore App
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Timeline to our success

Rapid Rescore has come a long way from where we started, making improvements that benefit businesses and consumers alike.

Mortgage Companies

We partnered with the three major credit bureaus to be able to update consumer credit reports within 3-5 days for mortgage borrowers

Technology Improved

We integrated artificial intelligence to automatically find errors with negative accounts and marks to remove them automatically

Auto Dealerships

We offered our product to automotive dealerships to increase loan approvals for consumers who were denied credit

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