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“What Is a Rapid Rescore?” by Experian

But if you want to have an effective content with the latest trends. When you think of creating content, most people’s minds go straight to blogging. While blogging of the most effective content marketing strategies. departments to give answers to the business

“How To Rapidly Rescore Your Credit” by CBS News

Read Full Article Here: NEW YORK (CBS 2) – When Deborah Davenport found the home of her dreams, she ran into a problem that many Americans face everyday: a low credit rating. Without the credit to back her up, she was dealing with an uphill battle and potentially could have lost the house to another …

“Just Approved: Rapid rescore saves homeowner hundreds per month” by

Read Full Article Here: July 8, 2019 Mortgage adviser: Dominique Stevens, Mayfair Mortgage. Backstory: We helped a couple purchase their Oakland town home in the fall of 2018. They recently reached out to us to find out about the dip in interest rates, and how it might affect their monthly payments. With rates hovering …

“Rapid Rescoring Can Fix Credit Errors, Allow Mortgage Approval” by

Read Full Article Here: Written byDavid Mully Read Time: 6 minutes Home shoppers who haven’t checked their credit reports months before applying for a home loan may be in for a shock when they visit a loan officer. A host of problems could pop up: Their credit score could be a little too low …

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