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Increase mortgage approval rates

Great experiences don’t have to stop with your customers. Rapid Rescore helps you extend those great experiences to your business, too.

Delight your customers

Help customers increase their buying power by reducing their mortgage interest rate or by simply getting them approved for a mortgage using Rapid Rescore.

A.I. Credit Analysis

Any errors regarding negative marks on a clients report are automatically found and reported

Data Security

Error report regarding negative accounts or marks are securely sent through a direct API to update the three credit bureaus

Expedited Changes

Expedited credit report changes requested by Rapid Rescore are made, increasing customers credit score

New Credit Report

Notifications regarding the credit report changes are sent to both you and the customer alerting you to the new, improved score.

Stay connected with the user journey

Connect to the Rapid Rescore system to view customer credit score updates and improvements. Know when your customer is ready for credit approval.

Rapid Rescore fits your business

Powerful. Flexible. Capable of so much. Rapid Rescore is Mortgage Companies’ #1 Business Platform connecting you to customers like never before.

Drive more approvals with Rapid Rescore

Integrate with your business. You will never turn away another client due to poor credit again. Plus, you’ll gain many more referrals by using Rapid Rescore.

Mortgage Companies Trust Rapid Rescore

Rapid Rescore easily integrates into your business, increasing your approvals, customer satisfaction and referrals

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Turn denied denied clients into loan approvals. Track your customers credit scores, see when their able to be approved, gain more referrals and improve your business

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