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Increase your auto loan approval rates

Quickly and easily turn around denials for customers with less than steller credit using the automated Rapid Rescore system.

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The ONLY financial management tool you’ll ever need

Our automated platform uses artificial intelligence to identify any errors regarding negative marks on a consumers credit report and quickly removes them, increasing credit scores and loan approvals, FAST!

Super easy to use

Enter the clients information, sit back and relax, our Rapid Rescore system does the rest

Safe and protected

We use the same security encryption (256-bit SSL) as banks so data sent is encrypted from prying eyes

Lightning fast results

The consumers credit is improved and you're able to obtain the funding necessary to close the deal

Over 79% of consumer credit reports contain errors

Rapid Rescore automatically identifies negative accounts and marks as well as any associated errors that may exist and can remove them from the three major credit agencies in an expedited time frame.

Rapid updates with all credit bureaus through one interface

Rapid Rescore is tied to the three major credit agencies through a direct API to quickly and easily analyze customer credit reports, find errors regarding negative marks to automatically request removals on an expedited time frame. This results in a new credit report and higher credit score for the consumer. This results in more approvals, happier customers and referrals.

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Manage all customers in Rapid Rescore

All customers and their status are at your fingertips.  Be alerted as soon as they’re credit worthy enough for a loan approval.

Our happy customer stories

“ Rapid Rescore has been a great partner for us when it comes to expanding our customer acquisition capabilities in all of our dealerships, especially in the pre-owned market. Their value with regard to auto financing has been invaluable, helping us scale immensely ”

John Alexander
John Alexander

CEO & Founder

Our happy customer stories

“ Our salesman turnover was quite high due to financing being unable to approve customers. Morale was down and we gave Rapid Rescore a shot and it's made a huge difference. Our sales department never has a customer turned away. ”

Christopher Hayes
Christopher Hayes

Founder, Hayes Auto

Our happy customer stories

“ The increase in deals we have been able to get done through use of Rapid Rescore is incredible. The platform for us has been an absolute game changer. ”

Chris Wilkes
Chris Wilkes

Partner, AutoLending USA

Our happy customer stories

“ I can't say enough positive things about Rapid Rescore. We know immediately if a customer can be approved or not. It may take a day or two, but we know right away if we can get their denial turned around and most times we do. ”

Sheri Malanato
Sheri Malanato

CFO, Oceanside Autos

Frequently asked questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions and answers are below:

If you’re an individual click “Become a Partner” and fill out the form.  If you are a company and wish for a company wide integration, please visit our ‘Company’ page

We can remove things in as little as 24 hours, but typically removals that 3-5 days for all credit agencies to update a consumers report and generate a new score.

79% of credit reports contain errors as well as negative accounts and marks that are illegal. Our system is able to automatically identify these errors and because of this, remove them.

Through your dedicated Rapid Rescore dashboard you can send us secure messages, chat with us or call us at anytime. We also respond to emails at within 24 hours.

Any client that is denied credit is a candidate for Rapid Rescore. We can not guarantee results for everyone, but we are successful 99% of the time in improving scores.

The Rapid Rescore software monitors credit reports and scores in real time and you are able to receive real-time updates with any changes that occur.

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Never turn away a customer due to poor credit again

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