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“Rapid Rescoring: Perks and Pitfalls” by

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How to Use Rapid Rescore by

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The Instant Solution

Rapid Rescore is a process offered only by mortgage originators. credit repair organizations do not provide the service. Rapid Rescore allows mortgage applicants the opportunity to update the content of their credit reports – typically within 3 business days. Once the content of the reports is updated, new scores are generated immediately. This saves the amount of time it would normally take for the creditors to update the credit bureaus; often as long as 60 days.

Rescore Requirements

In order to take advantage of Rapid Rescore you must be able to provide your mortgage originator with clear documentation from the creditor of the new information that you would like reported. Rapid Rescore is ideal for prospective borrowers who are in a position to reduce their revolving balances but who would rather not wait for the new balance to be reported in the normal course of business. Clear documentation in this case would entail a letter from the credit card company including your name, account number, and new balance.

Other Applications

Rapid Rescore is also good for forcing the correction of any derogatory information such as collections and public records, as long as you are able to provide clear documentation directly from the creditor or reporting entity.

“Rapid Rescoring Can Fix Credit Errors, Allow Mortgage Approval” by

Read Full Article Here: Written byDavid Mully Read Time: 6 minutes Home shoppers who haven’t checked their credit reports months before applying for a home loan may be in for a shock when they visit a loan officer. A host of problems could pop up: Their credit score could be a little too low …

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