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Can you remove all negative information from my credit report?

Our system automatically finds what negative accounts contain errors or should be excluded / removed from your credit report.  There are some items we are unable to remove that are accurate and therefore will remain.  You will be informed upfront prior to starting the process exactly what we found and what can be removed as …

How long does the removal process take?

As long as you complete the required onboarding, our system goes to work within minutes, completes the analysis and send you a report of what can be removed as well as the cost for the removals.  You must accept the quote prior to us requesting the removals.  Once you accept the quote, our system begins …

Is there a guarantee of removals?

We can not guarantee removals as the credit bureau’s ultimately decide what will be deleted / removed, however we have a positive relationship with a dedicated team within each credit agency and a positive reputation.  As long as there are reasons our system flags (which you are notified of up front prior to payment), they …

How do you remove negative items?

Our system scans consumer credit reports in seconds using artificial intelligence and machine learning to find errors and discrepancies that are cause for removal.  Our system then automatically generates the required legal documents and sends them to dedicated teams at the three major credit bureau’s who review our findings and remove the negative information.

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