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What we do ?

Rapid Rescore was only available to mortgage companies initially.  It wasn’t until we hired a team member whose family owned a chain of automotive dealerships that we made our foray into the automotive sector.  Realizing there was a need within the auto industry for customers who were turned away for vehicles but needed one quickly for employment, to take kids to and from school, etc. we believed it was a great market to enter into.

It is a known fact that 79% of credit reports contain errors and after massive data breaches, many consumers are victims of identity theft and do not even know it until they apply for credit and realize there are negative accounts on their reports.  With Covid lockdowns, we sat back and worked on our technology to see if we would be able to automatically scan reports for errors with regard to negative marks.  Turns out with the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence combined with our database of previous credit data, we could!  Thus Rapid Rescore expanded into not only updating scores on an expedited basis, but Rapid Rescore is now able to scan credit reports in seconds, finding errors with regard to negative accounts and marks and automatically remove them on an expedited basis as well.

What you get with Rapid Rescore

The mortgage brokers and automotive financing offices that use Rapid Rescore told us that not only did Rapid Rescore services increase their revenues, but also increased employee morale and customer satisfaction, resulting in more referrals and decreased employee turnover.

Previously car salesman would have to turn away customers if their customers credit was not approved, leaving not only the customer disappointed, but the salesman as well.  With the launch of Rapid Rescore for automotive dealerships, car salesman have been able to ensure their clients get the cars they want and deserve and by having their loans approved through the use of the Rapid Rescore system.

With Rapid Rescore, we provide satisfied customers, happier employees and enhance businesses.  There’s absolutely no downsides.  With Rapid Rescore, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Report Analysis

Rapid Rescore scans consumer credit reports in seconds, finding any and all negative accounts and marks that contain errors as basis for removal

Finding Solutions

Rapid Rescore software after identifying negative accounts and marks that contain errors submits the removal requests directly to the three credit bureaus

100% Satisfaction

Rapid Rescore automatically updates the credit bureau's, who removes the negative accounts and marks, resulting in a higher credit score for the client

Building a foundation and growing from it.

We started off with mortgage companies

We partnered with the three credit bureaus

We started automating our processes using A.I.

We now offer our services to automotive dealerships

Giving customers a great experience.

Rapid Rescore unlocks the power of data to create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society. At life’s big moments – from buying a home or car, to growing a business exponentially by connecting it with new customers – we empower consumers and our partners to manage their financing abilities with confidence so they can maximize every opportunity.

We gather, analyze and process credit data in ways others can’t. We help individuals take financial control and access financial services, assist businesses to complete more deals, lenders to approve more customers, and organizations to thrive.

Try Rapid Rescore now!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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