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Rapid Rescore Helps Consumers Achieve Life Goals

Here are just a few of the perks for Rapid Rescore users:

Home Buying

Rapid Rescore helps consumers obtain the best credit score possible in order to purchase their dream home!

Lower Interest Rates

Rapid Rescore can save consumers hundreds each month with improvement of credit!

Car Buying

Rapid Rescore ensures consumers are able to purchase their dream car from the dealership of their choice!

Qualify for Better Jobs

It's not fair, but finding a good job with credit errors can be tough! We can help with that!

Credit Cards

With great credit, you get top tier rates and the best terms on credit card approvals!

Business Loans

Business credit and loan approvals rely on your personal credit, let Rapid Rescore help!

What customers say

Rapid Rescore users rave about our service and our reviews attest to our value.


Rapid Rescore removed negative accounts in less than 24 hours, helping a client get a loan approval right in time.

Glenn M
Glenn M

President, PMC Mortgage


I had terrible credit, but Rapid Rescore allowed my wife and I to obtain a mortgage to buy a home.

Mike F
Mike F

Home Buyer


All the clients that were denied for mortgages I have submitted to Rapid Rescore. Every single one was approved.

Carl C.
Carl C.

Mortgage Broker

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